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Making Property

Ownership Possible

Cantu Land Plus – Professional land, mobile and manufactured home, pre-foreclosure, and foreclosure buying and selling services, plus working in your best interests.

Sandra Cantu has won the respect of:

·         Families selling land and manufactured homes/mobile homes

·         Those selling their property, regardless of condition

·         Individuals whose properties are in pre-foreclosure and properties that have already been foreclosed on

Sandra is a highly experienced real estate investor with a “people-first” attitude, backed up by her proven ability to link buyers and sellers.

She specializes in vacant lots and parcels of varying sizes, with manufactured homes or mobile homes on the property. Most importantly, Sandra is sensitive to the reality that transactions involve family milestones and memories.

Her work is always handled professionally with attention to detail and respect for the parties involved.

If you’re a buyer or seller, Sandra won’t just give you a sales pitch. Her work comes from her passion that all people should be treated fairly and enjoy the freedom that owning land offers.

Choose Sandra for the value she offers—her knowledge of available land and her ability to connect buyers and sellers.

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Our Services


Do you have land that you inherited, or simply do not want to continue to pay the taxes on it as you realized you will no longer be able to build on it? We purchase all types of land in all 50 states.  We also offer land aggressively priced for sale

Manufactured/Mobile Homes

Do you have a mobile or manufactured home for sale?  Would you like to purchase a manufactured home?  We would like to speak with you!


Is your home going into foreclosure? Have you fallen behind in your payments and simply can no longer afford the payments? Do you want to save your credit?  We are real estate investors who buy for long-term investments.  We can assist you in getting the sale date canceled, getting the debt settled, and buying you more time in your property.

We also purchase any type of home, in any type of condition.

Aerial View of a Houses

Mark Twain had the right idea when,

he urged, “Buy land, they aren’t making any more.” A recent analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data conducted by the National Association of Home Builders found that the median price for a single-family lot of land in the U.S. rose  4.4% in 2018, nearly double the 2.4% average rate of inflation last year.

But there’s a lot more to recommend buying land and building a house on it than just a sound investment.  Besides income tax offsets, mental health experts say that peace of mind, a sense of community and pride of ownership all come from owning your own “rose covered cottage.” Especially in times like these with the health risks of living in crowded, urban communities.

But there are risks for the unwary.  Cantu Land PLUS has addressed these for you.

First, we are not real estate brokers; we own the land that is offered for sale, in a community chosen for their safety, stability and long-term price appreciation. And where we, and our families, will be your neighbors.

We have overcome the resistance of banks to mortgage vacant land.  We’re providing lending directly. As time goes by, you will not be dealing with some “bank vice president” in Mumbai or Manila, but neighbors up the road a piece. We are here to help you secure your next piece of property.

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