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Making Property

Ownership Possible

Welcome to Cantu Land Plus: Your Trusted Source for Real Estate Solutions!

At Cantu Land Plus, we specialize in providing comprehensive buying and selling services for a wide range of properties, including homes, multi-families, pre-foreclosure, and foreclosure properties. With our expertise and dedication to working in your best interests, we are committed to helping you navigate the real estate market with confidence and achieve your goals.

Meet Sandra Cantu: Your Trusted Real Estate Partner

Sandra Cantu, the driving force behind Cantu Land Plus, is a highly experienced real estate investor who brings a unique blend of expertise and a "people-first" attitude to every transaction. With a track record of success, Sandra has earned the respect and trust of individuals across various real estate scenarios.

Serving Property Sellers, Regardless of Condition

If you're looking to sell your property, regardless of its condition, Cantu Land Plus is here to assist you. We understand that selling a property can be a challenging decision, and we are dedicated to providing you with a seamless and stress-free selling experience. Our expertise in real estate investment allows us to assess your property's value accurately and present you with fair and competitive offers.

Guiding You Through Pre-Foreclosure and Foreclosure Properties

For individuals whose properties are in pre-foreclosure or have already been foreclosed on, Cantu Land Plus offers specialized support and guidance. We have the knowledge and experience to navigate the complexities of these situations and help you find viable solutions. Our goal is to provide compassionate assistance while ensuring the best possible outcome for all parties involved.

Linking Buyers and Sellers with Proven Results

Sandra Cantu's exceptional ability to link buyers and sellers sets Cantu Land Plus apart. Whether you're a buyer searching for your dream home or an investor looking for lucrative opportunities, we are here to help. We understand the unique needs and preferences of both buyers and sellers, and our personalized approach ensures that we find the right match for each client.

Discover the Cantu Land Plus Difference

When you choose Cantu Land Plus, you gain access to a team dedicated to your success. We go the extra mile to deliver exceptional service, leveraging our expertise, market knowledge, and extensive network to provide you with unparalleled real estate solutions. With Sandra Cantu as your trusted real estate partner, you can rest assured that your best interests are our top priority.

Take the first step towards achieving your real estate goals. Contact Cantu Land Plus today to explore the possibilities and experience the difference our people-first approach can make.

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Our Services


Are you facing tough times and want to sell your home or condo?  If you can't afford to fix the problems or pay your mortgage any longer, selling your home allows you to get out of your difficult situation and move forward with your life. By selling, you can find a new place to live and start fresh. It's a way for you to find relief and find a solution to your problems.  Contact us for a free consultation.


Do you have land that you inherited, or simply do not want to continue to pay the taxes on it as you realized you will no longer be able to build on it? We purchase all types of land.


You might be wondering if you can still sell a property that's in probate, and the answer is yes! Even though it's a legal process, properties in probate can be sold.  We would like to speak with you! 

Aerial View of a Houses

Mark Twain had the right idea when,

he urged, “Buy land, they aren’t making any more.” A recent analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data conducted by the National Association of Home Builders found that the median price for a single-family lot of land in the U.S. rose  4.4% in 2018, nearly double the 2.4% average rate of inflation last year.

But there’s a lot more to recommend buying land and building a house on it than just a sound investment.  Besides income tax offsets, mental health experts say that peace of mind, a sense of community and pride of ownership all come from owning your own “rose covered cottage.” Especially in times like these with the health risks of living in crowded, urban communities.

But there are risks for the unwary.  Cantu Land PLUS has addressed these for you.

First, we are not real estate brokers; we own the land that is offered for sale, in a community chosen for their safety, stability and long-term price appreciation. And where we, and our families, will be your neighbors.

We have overcome the resistance of banks to mortgage vacant land.  We’re providing lending directly. As time goes by, you will not be dealing with some “bank vice president” in Mumbai or Manila, but neighbors up the road a piece. We are here to help you secure your next piece of property.

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