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In a 35-year business career, Sandra Cantu has successfully managed multi-million-dollar firms as varied as an international real estate firm and a vintage car restoration business.


With over 20 years experience in the real estate arena, real estate has always been Sandra’s passion as well as building long-term relationships. That’s when she realized the common denominator in all residential and commercial properties: Land.

Real estate professionals rarely talk about the value of owning land, but Sandra has traveled the country and has seen which regions are best suited for buying vacant lots and acreage.

Land, says Sandra, puts the buyer in control and provides independence, security, and a satisfying quality of life.  Building a house on a vacant property is an affordable way to own a home. Modular residences, like mobile homes, can relieve owners of the financial stress that comes with traditional home ownership.

Long Train Ride

Plenty of desirable options exist near cultural centers like university towns where lectures and concerts are plentiful or families can own “in the middle of nowhere,” says Sandra. “Find a quiet place to use for personal retreats and vacations. Owning land is a way to be in touch with nature and realize that this country is spectacularly beautiful.”

The benefits of owning land include low taxes and minimal maintenance. Sandra helps buyers find the most affordable lots possible and she enjoys working on their behalf.

She sees buying and selling land as an important part of a region’s overall economic cycle, since one transaction has a positive ripple effect through the community and creates work for tradespeople and store owners.

“Owning land is cool,” says Sandra. “It offers peace of mind and financial security where the buyer can say this belongs to me.”

And that part of the American dream is a win-win for Sandra Cantu and her clients.

If the idea of owning land has caught your interest, send Sandra a message to chat with her and learn more.

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